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To turn that tragedy into triumph, we have to tell the story thats uncomfortable for some but important for the rest of us, says Kevin Matthews, an Oklahoma state senator and North Tulsa native. And we have to tell it now. Before the place called Greenwood existed, the black folks in Oklahoma dreamed big. They first arrived with Native Americans on the Trail of Tears in the mid 19th century, both as slaves and as freedmen. Thanks to treaties negotiated between the United States and Native tribes after the Civil War, many black people who had been granted citizenship in those tribes were eventually granted large parcels of land, according to Hannibal Johnsons book Black Wall Street: From Riot to Renaissance in Tulsas Historic Greenwood District. By pooling their resources and welcoming blacks from the Southeast seeking a better life, they were able to form dozens of all black towns in the region. In 1890, Edwin P. McCabe, a politician who founded the all black town of Langston, met with President Benjamin Harrison to pitch the idea of turning the Oklahoma Territory into an all black state. Tulsa became Oklahomas most vital boomtown when petroleum was discovered there in 1901. The oil rush created instant wealth for many whites, but also for some of those landowning blacks with ties to the Native tribes. And the citys new monied status attracted entrepreneurs of all races.

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My fathers condition has caused a big split in our family over legal and financial matters. And then theres the guilt for, no matter how much or how little you do, it will never be enough or the right thing or the thing that satisfies other people. If youre struggling with a family member who is suffering from Alzheimers, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!We are all in this together. Amy leaned over and smelled the sweet, honey like fragrance of the tiny white flowers on a leafy green bush. It was spring her most favorite time of year and the big backyard was alive with blooming flowers, buzzing bees, and orange and black butterflies playing among the wild dandelions growing in the grass. As she peered deeper into the bush, Amy spied a small green object hanging from a slender brown twig. She reached into the bush and broke off the little twig. She held the object gently in her hand, admiring the delicate green color. Near the top was a hard ridge tinted with yellow that seemed to sparkle like gold in the warm spring sunlight. Amy had learned a lot about butterflies from her teacher at school. She knew that female butterflies lay their eggs on the underside of plant leaves.

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We help the formerly homeless, veteran, families in crisis from fires or floods, single moms, women with crisis pregnancies, domestic violence survivors and many more. We have 2 warehouses, one in Brandon and one in Tampa. We have 3 box trucks and approximately 30 volunteers each week to pick up donations, do home visits, decide on the interior design and muscle to pack up furnishings and deliver to families. We furnish 2 to 6 homes per week, only taking off for major holidays. We are a 100 percent volunteer 501c3 organization. We fully furnish and decorate these homes. We provide living room furniture including couches, loveseats, coffee tables, end tables, lamps, decorative items and rugs. We give them bedroom furniture including a bed for each person, with sheets, comforters and dust ruffles, as well as dressers, nightstands, lamps and pictures. All beds are made. We provide dining room furniture to make sure families have a place to do homework and eat together. We set the tables to show them how it is done.

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If you make a purchase via the links below I receive a small commission, which helps support this site. Whether you choose a primed or unprimed canvas is ultimately up to you, depending on the effects you want to achieve. ile and can be used for long, bold strokes and detail work. You will have the choice of stretched canvas panels, which are generally ready to hang and canvas boards, which are inexpensive but not recommended for exhibition works. If you are on a tight budget, then I would invest in high quality brushes first, paint next then canvas. You also have the option to opt out of these cookies. Buy a gigantic tube of Titanium white because youll be using a lot of it!Paint brushes come in many different bristles and shapes. Here is a versatile color palette which would be great for any beginner: Canvas is the most widely used material to paint on. These are great for small details and outlining. com, Inc. The Palette Knife Not Just A Tool To Mix Paint.

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