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System wide, Superintendent David Sewell said 14 students have tested positive in the last two weeks eight are Cottonwood High School students. Additionally, six teachers or staff members two at Cottonwood and one substitute teacher have also tested positive for the virus. At Cottonwood, 116 staff and students have been sent home to self isolate after possible exposure to the virus, in accordance with Alabama Department of Public Health guidance. Cottonwood High School has 750 students enrolled virtually and in person. An additional 185 students and staff members among other schools have also been quarantined. As of Wednesday morning, Sewell said no student or staff member that has been quarantined to exposure have tested positive for the virus, indicating there hasnt been in school transmission of the virus. In some cases, its been a virtual student that has come to campus for sports or some extracurricular activity and exposed a traditional student, Sewell said. As far as we know as of this morning, none of the students that have been exposed and sent home have come down with COVID, so it seems theyre not catching it at school; theyre being infected at home or somewhere outside the school. Sewell said the schools are continuing to enforce mask wearing and social distancing, though maintaining six feet of distance is more difficult in some classes because of class size. Were just trying hard to get through this pandemic. It is a chore, but I feel like were doing an adequate job, Sewell said.

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Lets dissect it and how close a literal translation comes to the official one. Salus is the nominative singular form of the third declension feminine noun salus and means health, soundness, or welfare. Populi is the genitive form of the masculine noun populous which means people or nation. Recall that the genitive case is the case of possession. Taken together, the Latin motto Salus Populi can be translated as The Welfare of the People, the exact official translation offered by the University of Missouri. As a humorous but also illustrative side note for Latin students, populi could also be the genitive singular form of the feminine noun populus which means poplar tree.

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php Excerpts from the paper Reichian Myofascial Release Therapy For Deeper Emotional and Physical Healingby Dr. Peter M. Bernstein: My experience has shown that when a trauma is too painful, too fearful, or so intense that we go into shock, our subconscious activates our survival mechanism and pulls our feeling intelligence out of our body. This survival mechanism numbs us so we can survive the ordeal. However, because science has ignored consciousness, most of you and your clients are trying to function or heal in this state of disassociation. In other words, your subconscious perceives that the truck is still crashing into your car, you are still falling down the steps, the surgical knife is still cutting you or you are still being attacked. The subconscious tightens against the unresolved trauma like a broken record that plays all day and all night. It does not matter how intelligent you are, how strong you are or how hard you are trying to get better. It is not on the conscious level. Ignoring the subconscious bracing patterns has thwarted health cares ability to help people truly heal. You cannot consciously control these subconscious bracing patterns, and this chronic tightness, throughout time, begins to solidify the ground substance of the fascial system, creating and perpetuating structural fascial restrictions that result in pain, headaches and restriction of movement.

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were not aroused to be informed. I did not know of any change till the morningof July 30th. " According to Trudeau, this is the only statement concerning the notification of changes . Between 4:30 and 4:40 AM the mine exploded creating a crater 150 200 feet long,60 feet wide, and 30 feet deep. Though Ledlie ordered the two brigades of the 1st division forward, Trudeau believesthat they were not informed to press immediately forward for Cemetery Hill. With Meade's new plan, no units wouldflank left and right to clear the Confederate trenches. The explosion and the pit awed the troops. Major William H. Powell writes, "everyman crowd up to look into the hole, and being pressed by the 1st Brigade,. Before the brigade commanderscould realize the situation, the two brigades became inextricably mixed in the desire to look into the hole. " To add to the confusion, fire from the Confederate trenches forced the disorderlytroops into the crater.

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