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It is easy to answer2. It does not cause offence3. It includes everyone4. People will not be judged on their responses!This last point is particularly important, as people will be reluctant to talk if they feel they will be judged. So you can see a good conversation question is also about tone and circumstances. Below is a list of excellent conversation questions to delve deeper into the personalities of people you feel comfortable with and find out a few more things about them. These are great for social gatherings and parties or anywhere where you want to have fun and get to know someone in the process. It is a great spin on the old party game "Twenty Questions" but see where each question leads you when you get the answers. Do not turn your questioning into an interrogation and listen to the answers you get. Pick up on these answers and as subsidiary questions, add your own answers: ask whatever seems appropriate and whatever the other person seems to want you to do. Just go with the flow and enjoy it!1.

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Error Analysis and Paragraph Writing . Ali Akbar Khansir, Ph. D. Masomeh Ahrami, M. A. ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY ISSUES OF JAFFNA STUDENTSPrescribed as a Text Book for University Undergraduates .

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We know that the New Year is approaching. Thinking of buying your friends?If you want to buy jewelry for them, you must select the right person the right. Most men do not like the charm and brilliant accessories for women to do. So you'd better choose useful accessories. Watch is a great gift for all of these. You can select a jeweler shows, if you do not know exactly what they want. Most of them will it. They all need such a function in the work life support. And if he enjoys sports, exercise is the best watch. It is that you must choose a gift based on his personality. A traditional people will not like fashion accessories.

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However, the committee concluded there was no statewide political appetite for changing the system. Two years later, what the Times described as the most ambitious effort in decades to reform New York States vast network of small town courts failed when bills to implement changes died in the legislature. No significant reform efforts have been initiated since. Reform efforts in New Jersey played out much the same as they did in New York. The Asbury Park Press published an investigation in 2016 that showed many cities there relied on their city courts as revenue generators, exposing many of the same practices that were used in Ferguson. Despite talk of reform from legislators, no major changes were passed. There is no shortage of ideas about how to make city courts more independent and insulate them from political pressure, especially in the wake of Ferguson. The Justice Department recommended a series of reforms to the Ferguson courts, mostly having to do with such things as limiting the use of arrest warrants and drivers license suspensions for missed court appearances or payments involving minor offenses. It did not address the way judges are appointed. In 2014, the national Conference of State Court Administrators recommended that the appointment and retention of municipal judges should be handled the same way as for other judges in a state. That means in Arizona, all judges would face voters at some point, either by directly electing them to the bench or through retention elections after the judges initial appointments.

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In contrast to quantitative research, qualitative methods are based on human interactions and emotions, generating a complexity that cannot be described by statistics. This work does not intend to generate data to proof assumptions, it rather intends to find reasons for human behaviour and describe underlying motives for seemingly obvious decisions, based on statements derived from personal in depth interviews. Therefore the aim is not to test a hypothesis, but rather to generate one Corbin and Strauss, 2008, p. 25. This generated hypothesis might be useful for further research in the field of tourist motivation, particularly regarding the process of travel decision making and therefore the prediction of future travel behaviour, potentially leading to more efficient marketing measures, presumably giving hints as to what are the triggers for leisure travel. Working within the topic of tourism and leisure travel, it is necessary to clarify the terms leisure tourism travel and tourist. The World Tourism Organisation 1991 defines tourism generally as follows: Tourism comprises the activities of persons travelling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business or other purposes. The Travel Industry Dictionary 2007 differentiates between tourism as the activity of travel for pleasure and as the industry based on such travel. These are only two of many different definitions for tourism. There is no definition that is commonly agreed upon Vogel, 2005. Nevertheless most of the definitions include travelling and staying outside the usual environment as core activities.

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