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If you hear any noise coming from the exhaust system, first check to see if the muffler is properly attached to the exhaust. Sometimes, only the straps that hold it together might have broken. If this is not the case, then the muffler itself might have a problem. The oxygen sensor is an important part of the muffler. Information provided by the oxygen sensor is vital for the electronic controlling unit of the vehicle to maintain proper fuel to air ratio. Any change in this ratio affects the number of molecules of unburnt fuel in the exhaust, and ultimately affects the sound waves that are produced within the exhaust system, which the muffler is expected to neutralize. It is a good practice to replace the oxygen sensor after every 50,000 miles of running, since these sensors tend to lose accuracy as time passes by. Clogging of the muffler and rusting are also some common problems. Problems with the muffler can lead to a lot of inconvenience as the cars sound levels can exceed permissible levels. Rusting is the worst problem not only with the muffler but also with the entire exhaust system. It is caused by moisture reacting with the metallic parts of the car.

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Empowering designers with beautiful and accessible color palettes based on WCAG Guidelines of text and background contrast ratios. Hex Naw is a tool that helps designers and developers test entire color systems for contrast and accessibility. Plug in your palette or color system and let Hex Naw do the rest. Enter your colors in HEX format or click on the icon to use the color picker. Contrast ratio value will be updated automatically as you change color values. A tool that brings attention and understanding to how color contrast can affect different people with visual impairments. Ace, the Accessibility Checker for EPUB, is a tool developed by the DAISY Consortium to assist with the evaluation of accessibility features of EPUB publications. a11yTools is a collection of HTML Web Accessibility Testing Tools in one location in an Extension for Safari used for quick and easy Accessibility testing. a11yTools is a collection of HTML Web Accessibility Testing Tools in one location on your iPhone and iPad for quick and easy Accessibility testing. AMPs powerful testing engine and work flow, accessible development best practices and extensive training course library allow organizations to quickly and efficiently incorporate accessibility compliance into existing development processes. Snippets that include all WAI ARIA attributes and descriptions, for ease of use in building more accessible web content.

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Over the past few years many downfalls has beset college students slowing down the process and even causing a lot of drop outs. One of the major things that our young people have had to face is the problems in the Middle East. Many of our young people were ask and they elected to go abroad and help during the crisis that we have been having in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of these young people have lost their lives while others have been faced with total disabilities that prevented them from going to college when they returned home. The cost of tuition to attend college has been a major deterrent that stopped many young people from going to college. Unfortunately, the job market has been very bad which prevents our younger people from going to college. Many lay offs and downsizing in major corporations of executives has made many of our young people wonder if they want to go to college to become accountants, architects, account executives etc. Is it any wonder with all the major problems that the ones who now hold the position that younger people find they do no longer want to go in the business world?Many other positions are opening which makes it better for those who want to attend college. The field of medicines is one that has many openings while some of the fields in business are phasing out which makes many changes in the courses that colleges are now offering. President Obama's stimulus package has promised that college students will not be forgotten with his intentions to help the student as well as the colleges to get back on their feet it is a matter of time before we can really tell what will happen. College students feel the crunch of our failing economy with the cost of attending school without as much help as they have had in the past.

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A video of the meeting is available on a UVA website. Groves wrote that Erdely did not disclose the significant details that I had offered into the scope of a Department of Education compliance review of UVA. Grovess full letter is here. In the email sent through her lawyer, Eramo wrote, Rolling Stone made numerous false statements and misleading implications about the manner in which I conducted my job as the Chair of University of Virginias Sexual Misconduct Board, including allegations about specific student cases. Although the law prohibits me from commenting on those specific cases in order to protect the privacy of the students who I counsel, I can say that the account of my actions in Rolling Stone is false and misleading. The article trivializes the complexities of providing trauma informed support to survivors and the real difficulties inherent in balancing respect for the wishes of survivors while also providing for the safety of our communities.

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