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Thanks to a widely circulated photograph, a young girl is shown looking up atthe lynched black man "with wonderment rather than horror, a smile ofexcitement on her face as if show ponies had just galloped by her at thecircus. " Caste, pp. 92 93 It should be noted that these lynchings byself proclaimed Christians occurred after the South's humiliating Civil Wardefeat. It was a critical part of a campaign to retake control of the South by terrorizingblacks who now were legally free men and women. Mr. Jones notes that the humiliating Civil War defeatgave rise to the myth of the "Lost Cause," a bogus historical fabricationasserting that the South's cause in the war was noble. Coincidentally, "Lost Cause"apologists seldom mentioned the primary cause of the war; their insistence inmaintaining ignoble slavery. Some of the foremost propagandists of the Lost Causemyth were the women of the United Daughters of the Confederacy UDC, some100,000 women who worked tirelessly to erect monuments in public spaces tohonor the heroes of the Lost Cause; traitors like Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee. Strikingly, more than 90% of the monuments were erected after 1895 30years after the South's defeat. Nevertheless, the monuments proved veryeffective in reasserting the South's unique brand of white supremacy, brainwashingmany ignorant Americans elsewhere in the country, and keeping blacks in theirsubservient position.

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Now he's not so sure. About half of the sites that Valve targeted are still open, and new ones are opening outside of the U. S. every day. Valve's position is that its hands are tied it can't shut down gambling sites without fundamentally changing its API in a way that disables customer friendly features it needs. But Grove's website, LegalSportsReport. com, has offered a range of potential solutions, including encouraging Valve to "continually police third party offshoots of its own ecosystem. ""Valve is the linchpin," Grove says. "From our perspective, the future is inextricably tied to the comprehensiveness of its crackdown. If it's anything less than complete or sincere, we believe we will see a significant market re emerge. "The legal backlash, meanwhile, is just beginning.

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R. Osborn,illustrated by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite. Whitcombe and Tombs, Melbourne,1954, 32p. 16th print. Legends from the Outback / text by Phyllis M. Power,illustrated by Ida Outhwaite. Dent, London, 1958. 127p. Containsnumerous illustrations of Australian birds and animals plus Aboriginalmotifs spread throughout the text. 1st print. Published withillustrated dust jacket.

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