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Book Soup Los Angeles, May 2011. Lessons learned: 1 If youre going to a city for work, you might be able to get your publicist to arrange a reading at a great bookstore like Book Soup; 2 its important to reach to reach out I hate that term, but you know what I mean to people who live where youre going and are familiar with the scene, even if you only know them by way of blogging and the internet; 3 Natasha Vargas Cooper who hosted my QandA; possesses the beating heart of L. A. and somehow after the event drove me through/above the citys infernal traffic to a strange, strip mallish diner where at 4:00 a. m. I had the greatest chocolate milkshake in the western hemisphere; 5 its often these tangential experiences and memories that make the indescribable pain and hassle of a reading worth it; 6 QandA; moderators with hyphenated last names are apparently the best match for me? A senior center on the north side of Washington Square Park that somehow hasnt been turned into condos or NYU housing June 2011. Lessons learned: 1 sometimes you agree to read even though you know its going to be a surreal disaster, because karma demands it, and the events coordinator at the senior center enjoyed your book and invited you via FB to his Friday afternoon sesh; 2 some seniors will fall asleep during your four minute reading; 3 during the QandA;, one guy will lean over to his friend and whisper/scream in reference to you, so that you can hear him from five rows away: HE REALLY LIKES TO HEAR HIMSELF TALK DOESNT HE?; 4 seniors are terrified of e books, and because you share their terror, you will hardly be able to assuage them and in fact may add to the looming despair they feel you may even sadistically quote Schopenhauer to prove your point; 5 you will think back to the years you spent on the road with your band and wish that you had a guitar and a distortion pedal to offer the bliss of self immolation, of getting blown away with your insecurities to the edge of a white noise universe, of connecting with an ensemble of similarly tortured bandmates with whom youve laughed and fought and thrift store shopped to oblivion; 6 you will smile and sigh, promising yourself that you will never again appear in public, at least until the next time you are asked, when you will say yes, because why the hell not, its not like you have anything to lose. Matthew Gallaway is the author of The Metropolis Case: A Novel. Shakespeare and Company photo by Lowell Allen, used with permission; Upstairs at the Square photo by Zawezome. Disclaimer I began this essay on the last day of the rst full week of online/virtual/digital instruction brought about by the novel coronavirus pandemic. I nished it a week later.

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It is not proper or logical because by such, misleading will occur in the CISG affecting the general coherency of the CISG application. This is one of the important reasons that the CISG always refers to the national domestic laws of other countries not their own applications and provision alone. This is mainly when it comes to article 4 and the provision of article 72 because of their ambiguity. All these reasons and conclusions lead us to understand that if the CISG had a proper and clear applications and articles, it wouldve not gone and excluded some of the important matters that might affect a lot of the important things that reasoning would need in many cases. The last thing that I would like to mention in the exclusion in CISG application is that the third partys right is not considered in any of the articles. This is something that should be present because of the international notion of rights and obligations that states that all parties rights should be considered no matter what.

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G. Zhao, D. Pei, J. F. Sucic, andQ. X. Sang, E. W. Thompson, D. Grant, W. G.

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Schools should start focusing on nurturing and imparting humans best practices, deep cognitive and emotional intelligence. The curriculum should be carefully drafted to make the future citizens to be intelligent enough to know what is good for their long term fruitful coexistence on the planet. The smartest and most creative companies will never stop from being just a profitable company. They will strive to become dominant market player and try becoming dominant across multiple business domains leading to world dominance. The Most innovative companies are working on possibilities of making humans immune to diseases, stop aging and other unimaginable things to us today. example : Calico project Powerful Governments will attempt strategies to have control of natural resources thru world dominance militarily and thru other tactics. These strategies should be carefully monitored by both companies and governments to avoid self destruction on the long run. They should consider planets other living beings, natural resources as part of their planning for peaceful coexistence and to stay human as much as possible. Companys innovations or Government policy matters should enable all citizens to have equal opportunity. They should encourage and support individuals cognitive and emotional intelligence for better life with best practices for themselves, society and their families for peaceful coexistence. There is a trend to make humans half robots with body implants, which is so worrisome since these half human/half digital human beings will lose the abilities such as empathy, consciousness and other natural human feelings and finally end up destroying themselves and other living beings.

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