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You can change your tourist visa to a 'work visa' without leaving the country. There are reports from reputable sources that you cannot change an arrival visa to a 'work visa', that you have to go to a Thai consulate and get a travelers visa, which is a bit expensive. I did not find this to be the case. I transferred an arrival visa to a 'work visa' in 20 minutes with no complications. Your 'work visa' is good for 3 months and getting a work permit takes only 2 months, so you have plenty of time, meanwhile you're working in Thailand legally. The key is to find a school with administrators familiar with the process.

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1By agreeing to arbitration under the Rules, the parties agree that this Article 30 and the Expedited Procedure Rules set forth in Appendix VI collectively the Expedited Procedure Provisions shall take precedence over any contrary terms of the arbitration agreement. 2The Expedited Procedure Rules set forth in Appendix VI shall apply if:a the amount in dispute does not exceed the limit set out in Article 12 of Appendix VI at the time of the communication referred to in Article 13 of that Appendix; orb the parties so agree. 3The Expedited Procedure Provisions shall not apply if:a the arbitration agreement under the Rules was concluded before the date on which the Expedited Procedure Provisions came into force;b the parties have agreed to opt out of the Expedited Procedure Provisions; orc the Court, upon the request of a party before the constitution of the arbitral tribunal or on its own motion, determines that it is inappropriate in the circumstances to apply the Expedited Procedure Provisions. 1The time limit within which the arbitral tribunal must render its final award is six months. Such time limit shall start to run from the date of the last signature by the arbitral tribunal or by the parties of the Terms of Reference or, in the case of application of Article 233, the date of the notification to the arbitral tribunal by the Secretariat of the approval of the Terms of Reference by the Court. The Court may fix a different time limit based upon the procedural timetable established pursuant to Article 242. 2The Court may extend the time limit pursuant to a reasoned request from the arbitral tribunal or on its own initiative if it decides it is necessary to do so. 1When the arbitral tribunal is composed of more than one arbitrator, an award is made by a majority decision. If there is no majority, the award shall be made by the president of the arbitral tribunal alone. 2The award shall state the reasons upon which it is based. 3The award shall be deemed to be made at the place of the arbitration and on the date stated therein.

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You should view them and account for how they do things all the way from their posture and aim to their swing. However, it is essential to only watch those who have the same physical traits as yourself. For example, you want to focus on someone who has a body something like you and also has a swing that is somewhat like yours in terms of its pace and shape. Also select a player based upon what you want to accomplish. So, if you want to master a long game, then watch someone like Ernie Els. Or, you can concentrate on Walter Hagen if you desire to improve your short game. If you desire to make your putting better, then Phil Mickelson is your best selection. A good grip is vital to having a good golf game. If you dont master it properly in the beginning, you will have a tough time changing it later on. You might not even notice that you have an improper grip. You will really get disappointed when your game still does not improve, even with a lot of practice.

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Poster book, p. 4. 82. K. K. Desai, R. G. Newcomer, K. A. Iczkowski,Y. G.

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