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He continued Johnsons suspension of the bombing of North Vietnam, a disgustingly irresponsible ploy originally designed to shore up Democratic support in the 1968 presidential election campaign at the expense of the Americans troops fighting and dying in great numbers in the South. In effect, Buchanan endorses VDARE. coms contention that an irrepressible conflict is now developing between America and anti America, which we argue is ultimately traceable to ethnic division and was fatally exacerbated by the 1965 Immigration Act, which became effective in 1968, the year of Nixons election. Right; this was presaged by the 1924 Immigration Act, that led to the southern European and other working class whites combined with the negroes and jews to form the Democratic Party coalition that led to FDR and the relative Left takeover of the Anglo Saxon nation. Something like ten plus million voters were assembled in the following decade from immigration for the jewish takeover of the Dem Party, and under FDR, the electoral coup and what we now call Deep State staffing of dozens of bureaucratic outfitsalphabet soup as they were calledwith commies, libs, and jews who were themselves commies and libs of course. That FDR coalition reigned until Whites got their backs up with Ike, and on to Nixon, etc. Then we know the rest as recent history. So we have had two Revolutions against White people in our lifetime. The useless, the poor, the dumb, the wretcheds of the earth, have been marshaled to replace Whites in the US. If not stopped now, it is all over, and Whites will beg for mercy. And Whites will , before that happens, start to shoot darkies, white race traitors, yellows, and finally jews too.

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The system relies on established Intelligent Transport System ITS technology such as Dedicated Short Range Communication DSRC, which allows for wireless communication between vehicles, cyclists, police officers, construction sites, and pedestrians within a quarter mile range. GMs vehicle to vehicle communication systemThe benefit of this portable system is that it allows drivers to see not only whats right in front of them, but also about a semi truck thats stalled a quarter mile ahead, hard braking drivers, slippery roads, upcoming intersections, stop signs and other as yet unseen hazards. In addition, DSRC equipped smartphones, carried by cyclists or pedestrians, could alert drivers to their presence ahead. The automaker says it is working on embedding these communications systems into new vehicles, but it is also looking at ways to retrofit the technology into vehicles that are already on the road. GMs vehicle to vehicle communication systemAccording to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA, vehicle to vehicle communication systems could help avert nearly 81 percent of crashes in the United States. Third Brake LightIn 1974, psychologist John Voevodsky invented the third brake light, a brake light that is mounted in the base of rear windshields. When drivers press their brakes, a triangle of light will warn following drivers to slow down. This is the first published study showing that a third brake light reduces automobile accidents. Practical ApplicationThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA repeated Voevodskys experiment on a larger scale, and concluded that Center High Mounted Stop Lamps CHMSLs reduce accidents and injuries. As a result, the NHTSA now requires all new cars since 1986 and all new light trucks since 1994 to have a third brake light. To see just how well the CHMSLs worked, the NHTSA has charted police reported crash data from eight states, and has found that CHMSLs reduce rear impacts by 4.

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Measure and sketch your backyard either on a pad or computer with landscape design software. Put in any fixed features and existing landscape plants and trees that you do not want to move. Be sure to include the mature height of trees so that shade tolerance can be included in your plant selection criteria where applicable. Review recommended plants for your area. It is always best to design your backyard landscape using native or well adapted plants that will not die during the hot summer or cold winter. To complement the large perennial plants and trees, you can add annuals that provide spots of color and decorative borders. Decide if you want your backyard to have a formal landscape design or a natural feel. Formal designs tend to be geometric using squares or lines or concentric circles of equally spaced plants. Informal or natural looks feature groupings and asymmetrical plant placement. Develop a general plan for the entire backyard landscape design. Although it is not necessary to do everything at once, an over all plan provides guidance in plant selection and placement as well as desired fixed features and containers.

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Business, accessed October 7, 2011, mall business is the great generator of jobs. Recent data indicate that small businesses produced 64 percent of the net new jobs from 1993 to the third quarter of 2008. Statistics of U. S. Businesses, US Census Bureau, April 13, 2010, accessed October 7, 2011, . This is not a recent phenomenon. Thirty years of research studies have consistently indicated that the driving force in fostering new job creation is the birth of new companies and the net additions coming from small businesses. In the 1990s, firms with fewer than twenty employees produced far more net jobs proportionally to their size, and two to three times as many jobs were created through new business formation than through job expansion in small businesses. William J Dennis Jr. , Bruce D. Phillips, and Edward Starr, Small Business Job Creation: The Findings and Their Critics, Business Economics 29, no.

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