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I have my students use tape measures to measure each others bodies. Each student works with a partner to measure around each others head, neck, waist and knees. Its hands on measurement fun!The most effective way Ive found of teaching multiplication is to have students sing their multiples. For example, we sing multiples of 7 to the tune Happy Birthday and multiples of 9 to Star Spangled Banner. This idea really works!Long after theyve left my class, students tend to remember the songs and continue singing them. When teaching time, I draw a large clock face without hands on the whiteboard.

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In a new report, Sophos the giant digital security company, predicts businesses will be hit with more malware attacks that give the intruders ?long term, high impact access?to those companies. Digital extortion should increase with more ransomware malware attacks. ?See ConsumerMan: Latest ?ransomware?attacks are scarily sophisticated. This new generation of malicious software can encrypt the data on your hard drive and hold it for ransom. It?s often exceptionally hard or impossible to reverse the damage. This makes it critical to back up your data on a daily basis. Mobile devices, with GPS location, social media apps and new technology such as near field communication will give cybercriminals new opportunities to compromise your security and privacy. ?This trend is identifiable not just for mobile devices, but computing in general,?the Sophos report warns. ?In the coming year, watch for new examples of attacks built on these technologies. ?Men, millennials in the grocery storeMen have become more comfortable in the kitchen and more active in planning meals and food shopping. A survey by Cone Communications found that more dads than moms 52 percent compared to 46 percent plan meals for the week ahead.

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Vivian, RPh, JDProfessor, Department of Pharmacy PracticeCollege of Pharmacy and Health SciencesWayne State UniversityDetroit, MichiganA new self reporting rule has gone into effect that requires health care providers to give notice to specified persons and entities when a breach of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 HIPAA privacy rules occurs. 1 The Department of Health and Human Services HHS issued rules on August 24, 2009, that took effect on September 23, 2009. However, enforcement of the rules, with applicable sanctions, will not occur until February 10, 2010. In the meantime, entities subject to the privacy rules are expected to develop voluntary compliance policies and work with HHS to ensure that those procedures meet the intent of the law. 2 As an aid to helping organizations understand the intricacies of the rules, on August 29, 2009, HHS issued the HITECH Breach Notification Guidance. 3 Provisions of this Guidance are discussed below. The breach notification regulations were mandated by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act HITECH, which was part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 ARRA signed on February 17, 2009the so called federal stimulus bill. 4 Title XIII of HITECH includes $22 billion to advance the use of health information technology. 5 Unauthorized access to medical records and subsequent disclosure to media outlets have been the subject of much publicity, especially when celebrities are involved. When the now deceased actress Farah Fawcett was treated at the University of California Los Angeles UCLA Medical Center for cancer, her records showed up in the National Enquirer and Globe tabloids even before she told family and friends about her condition. 6 After an investigation, the UCLA Healthcare and Medical Sciences Service discovered that a worker not associated with Fawcetts care had surreptitiously reviewed her records multiple times.

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The Child Tax Credit is also available if you have dependent US children that have US Social Security numbers. However, any dependent child you apply for a tax for expats credit for will be considered US persons and will have tax obligations for life as an adult. If you have plans on retiring and living abroad, you can rest easy when you do your tax for expats knowing that you can still receive Social Security benefits. If you happen to live in a country in which you cannot receive benefits, you can still receive any US Social Security payments you missed if you move to a country that you can receive them in. Your benefits may be taxed, so you should remove them as income on your tax return, especially if you have other income. If they do get taxed, it will only be 85% of your benefits that will be considered taxable. There are totalization agreements with 26 countries to determine which country you will pay Social Security taxes to. You will be able to earn credits in one country and use them for calculations of benefits in another, thus you dont have to pay into two systems and will only receive a single benefit. When you submit your tax for expats, the due date will be the same as it is for someone who is living within the US. However, you will receive an automatic two month extension, but any US taxes owed are still due by the original date if you want to avoid penalties and interest. If at any point you move back to the US, your tax deadline will be the normal deadline date, but you may still be eligible for any expat tax deductions and exclusions for that year.

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I'd do it all again, even if it were twice the price. I'm over people judging fat people and saying it's a matter of willpower. Until you're the fat person who is on a diet constantly and can never lose the weight, shut your mouth. Judgemental people always speak the loudest and it's always about st they know nothing about but seem to think they are the authority. AinT, I was a fat person who lost weight and it is a matter of will power. There is nothing forcing people to food down there throats and sit in front of a TV or computer all day. It's all about the ability to say no and take initiative to be active. Anyway, the reoccurance of addictive behaviors for people who have had bariatic surgery is over 50% so most people who need it to lose weight are going to become addicted to something else like alcohol or over the counter drugs or something with a quick gratification. @Marie Your statement is not well thought out. The surgery is more than likely very much less of a financial drain on "your insurance premium" than managing the chronic care of diabetes and the number of other health problems that can occur with obesity. And no matter how healthy you think that you are, anything can happen at any time to anyone, and I doubt if you'd want someone who thinks like you sitting in judgement over your health care.

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