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Fifty four percent of the employees who had witnessed misconduct believed that reporting the misconduct would not lead to corrective action. Forty two percent of the employees who had witnessed misconduct reported it. The percentage rose to 61 percent for employees whose employers have a well implemented ethics and compliance program. Thirty six percent of the employees who had witnessed misconduct but did not report it cited fear of retaliation as their reason for not reporting it. Reported in Jeff Madura, Introduction to Business St. Paul, MN: Paradigm Publishing, 2010, 52. Key TakeawaysEthics are about doing the right thing. They are about standards that help us decide between right and wrong. They are not the same as our feelings, religion, the law, cultural norms, science, or values. Ethics are important because they provide structure and stabilization for society. Business ethics are about applying the virtues and discipline of ethics to business behavior.

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To introduce the basis of ten in our place value system, I arrange the students desks into a group of ten five desks long by two desks across so they resemble a bus. Then I have all of my students sit on the rug. I then invite seven students to step aboard and take a seat in our Ones Bus. I then ask four more students to join them. My students quickly realize that the bus will not hold all eleven children. So, we decide that, in order to make room for the one remaining student on the Ones Bus, the ten ones would group together to form one group of ten and that group would move over to the floor beside the Ones Bus, thus creating our Tens Train one row of ten students. After playing this game several times with different number combinations, my students did not struggle with this regrouping concept anymore. When teaching place value, I provide students with tasty manipulatives. I offer saltine crackers to represent the hundreds place, pretzel sticks for the tens place, and mini marshmallows for the ones place. My students building the numbers and practicing comparing. I have them glue the edible manipulatives to a piece of construction paper to represent comparative number sentences.

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P. 2005. Differentiation Through Flexible Grouping: Successfully Reaching All Readers. Learning Point Associates/North Central Regional Educational Laboratory NCREL. Graham, S. , Harris, K. R. , MacArthur, C. A. , and Schwartz, S. 1991.

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A. Robinson and C. J. Bell, Justice of the Peace, 18th day of December, AD 1884. The blank opposite page, has written in ink: M?s. T. was organized at Baltimorefrom March 22 to 31, 1864. Most of the men came from Baltimore itself. It has been credited with 10 engagements,according to The History and Roster of the Maryland Volunteers, including Petersburg, Federal point, Bermuda Hundred,Hatcher's Run, Fort Fisher, Sugar Loaf, Cox Landing, N. C. , Wilderness, Spottsylvania, and Weldon Railroad.

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