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Dear Labby, we are what sociologist Erving Goffman call "total institutions," so much like prisons, concentration camps, convents, and some religious cults. I agree with you that military and seminary life is not for everyone; it takes extraordinary courage in the first place to make the choice,and that we breed a culture so distinct that we are often misunderstood by our public. We are similar in ways we re socialize seminarians/cadets by "stripping away the individual's current identity and stamping a new one in its place," and indeed ours are institutions that cause profound effects on attitudes and orientations to life of those who choose to be part of us, just as how your seminary experience has shaped you, and of those former cadets I know. Hidden curriculum is acknowledged as the socialization process of schooling. Accordingly, Drebeen 1968 argues that each student has different parental background and when each attends to school, he/she encounters the norms of schools that will prepare them to involve in the life of public spheres. He defines these norms as independence, achievement, universalism, and specificity and suggested that these norms are required to teach them in order to collaborate with modern industrial society. Apple 1982 emphasized that hidden curriculum involves various interests, cultural forms, struggles, agreements, and compromises. Michael Lynch 1989 argues that schools have universalistic and particularistic hidden aspects that enable an unequal environment for students. Giroux 2001 identifies hidden curriculum as what is being taught and how one learns in the school as he also indicates that schools not only provides instruction but also more such as norms and principles experienced by students throughout their education life. Margolis 2001 argues that hidden curriculum, the school and classroom life, is the reproduction of schooling that enables to understand schools hegemonic functions that also maintains power of state. 83 84.

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And I know who to blame. Matter of fact, before Im done Im going to break my long standing tradition of being discreet and give you a strong hint about the culprits. It may be a generic form of finger pointing there are an awful lot of people involved but youll know who Im talking about. Id even be willing to bet theyve been, if theyre not right now, in your home. Read moreAbout all I can remember of it is that it was made entirely out of wood, had a leather grip and could transport me from the hills of Pennsylvania to the Rocky Mountains in the blink of an eye. It came into my possession at a time in life when my imagination could make an adventure out of a soiree to the brushy woodlot that was only a block from home and, for a couple of long ago summers, it accompanied me everywhere I went short of to bed and into the bathtub. While some might say in fact, Good Wife does quit often Im going through a second childhood, I bought myself another one of those wooden things a couple months ago and discovered it still has magical time machine qualities only now, instead of transporting me from the hills of my home state to the Rocky Mountains in the blink of an eye, it makes an hour disappear whenever I pick it up. Read moreConsidering that I am an outdoor writer ergo, a hunter, this might seem terribly incongruent to you but its true. Ive lost the desire to kill the wild things I spend so much of my time out in the pucker brush looking for. I have not, however, forgotten the irrefutable law that governs all living things; the evolution assigned relationship between predator and prey. And I, despite the diminished size of my fangs, am a predator.

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The Reading Teacher, 184 193. Cummins, S. , and StallmeyerGerard, C. 2011. Teaching for Synthesis of Informational Texts With ReadAlouds. The Reading Teacher, 646, 394 405. Davey, B. 1983. Think aloud: Modeling the cognitive processes of reading comprehension. Journal of Reading, 44 47. Fisher, D.

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