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She asked us that if we found him wandering, to lead him back home. Great Idea to alert your neighbors to your elder's conditions and ask for help to keep them safe. It turned out that we never did have to worry about him leaving the house, because Dad was never going to leave his beloved wife. Your elder care tip of the day: A low cost solution to knowing if your elder has left your home is attach a noise maker like a wind chime to the door. Another low cost solution are those door bells that you put a gizmo on one door frame and the matching gizmo on the door and when the door opens an electronic noise is emitted. Anna had her cardiac catherization yesterday and all went well.

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He is engaged on some of the most sophisticated, high stakes matters today, such as his representation of the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clintons presidential campaign in their responses to Russian hacking in the 2016 presidential election. This work was detailed in the best selling books The Apprentice 2018, The Perfect Weapon 2018, Russian Roulette 2018, and Hacks 2017. Michael has been ranked as a Privacy and Data Security Expert in the Chambers Global and Chambers USA directories. He is often quoted in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and other media. His legal work has been cited by investigative reporters in two other important books: Power Wars 2015 and Dragnet Nation 2015. He has provided Congressional testimony and litigated national security cases in federal court. Michael regularly conducts extensive corporate privacy and cybersecurity reviews and represents Fortune 100 companies before the FTC, U. S. Department of Justice DOJ, state attorneys general and congressional committees. He is a former cybercrime prosecutor who assists many of the world's biggest companies in their responses to sophisticated network intrusions. In that regard, he provides a full range of counseling concerning prevention, response, mitigation, breach notification, regulator inquiries and other risks and obligations that can flow from network intrusions.

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Thanks!Ben StrongAlexa Rank: 10,346,566Visit Bevsuite, LLC"Gartoo allows home seekers across from the UK, Germany, Italy, and Spain to find properties quickly and smartly. We search thousands of houses and flats every single day. "Ruben MartinezAlexa Rank: 11,177,828Visit Gartoo" Sphinx indexes its large collection of text messages with ease, where MySQL full text search was beginning to struggle. "Alexa Rank: 11,604,324Visit 82ask. comWeb Directory and Search Engine. "The database I use is MySQL, which is great, but my data grew to 2 million records and it was choking. very slow response. My queries with 2 million records before Sphinx were taking upto 30 sec. response, but. all that has change for the better with Sphinx. "Ricardo MaldonadoAlexa Rank: 12,343,183Visit Wadoo.

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There are three Makro lenses in the Leitz THALIA set. They focus to 1:2, meaning that you can fill the frame with an object that in real life is twice as large as the sensor. The focus barrels are marked not only with distance, but also magnification factor and exposure light loss for which you have to compensate. The German spelling of Makro is used, with a k. LEITZ PRIME lenses have been described as cinematic with an iconic confluence of coatings, glass, design, art and craft. Development began in 2015. In 2019, I remember rhapsodizing, LEITZ PRIME lenses has the look of glowing, lusciously smooth skin tones, detailed details where you want themsharp eyelashes and eyebrowswith silky sympathetic focus roll off, gently tempered depth of field dimensionality, impressionistic luminous backgrounds, beautiful bokeh and harmonious contrast. All four lines of LEITZ Full Frame / Large Format / Leica Format cine lenses are delivering now. The M 0. 8 series was introduced in 2016. THALIA came next, in 2017.

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Then like a deluge all things together consumed. Whereunto, Oh Sumer!did they change thee?The Sacred Dynasty from the Temple they exiled. "It was at this stage of Sumerian history that the empire fell andAbraham was forced to flee northward from the city of Ur. But what had happened to the Anunnaki:the Grand Assembly of gods who had established everything?Once more, the text continues:"Ur is destroyed, bitter is its lament. The country's blood now fills its holes like hot bronze in a mould. Bodies dissolve like fat in the sun. Our temple is destroyed. Smoke lies on our cities like a shroud. The gods have abandoned us like migrating birds. "In historical terms,this total collapse of the Sumerian empire followsthe founding of Babylon by King Ur Baba in about 2000 BC. Indeed, the story of the Tower of Babel,and the resultant wrath of Jehovah precisely fits the time frameof the Sumerians' own abandonment by the Anunnaki.

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