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3. Below, examples of performance assessment systems that are tightly, moderately, and loosely prescribed are illustrated. A Tightly Prescribed Performance Assessment System. Maryland's School Performance Assessment Program tests all 3rd , 5th , and 8th grade students in reading, writing, language usage, mathematics, science, and social studies. The tasks, which teachers administer to students as directed by an "Examiner's Guide," last for nine hours spread over five days. Assessment tasks ask students to respond to prompts intended to reveal their process and content thinking. The tasks are developed by a group of Maryland teachers, pilot tested in an out of state district, and scored with rubrics by another group of Maryland teachers. The state's assessments are secured. Teachers in this scenario have very little control over the task specifications, scoring methods or procedures, or implementation procedures and timelines. A Moderately Prescribed Performance Assessment System. Vermont, in contrast, offers an example of a state initiated assessment that we would classify as only moderately prescribed.

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There is the main circulation section of booksyou can borrow but the more valuable current books will be at thereference section where you can only use them inside the library. You can't sign them out. The best reference books like encyclopedias andalmanacs are at 30 31 or AE5 of the Library of Congress system. Good reference books are sold by:The easiest way to get information aboutanything is to ask the librarian in the Reference section at thelibrary to borrow the Standard Periodcal Directory or Ulrich'sPeriodical Directory which neatly lists virtually every magazine,newsletter, newspaper, journal and periodical out there inAmerica in clear categories, in the world in the case of theUlrich's Directory. Get the addresses then get the magazines. Magazines are a great wealth of resource information to helpnetwork you into more leads for whatever topic you're studying. Another book that has a lot of magazineaddresses is Writer's Market. You can usually buy last year'scopy for about five bucks at a used book store. If you want fastcurrent information on any topic, get a copy of Writer's Market,find your topic in the magazine section, then go to the websitesof some of the magazines there. For information about organizations, tryAssociations USA omnigraphics. com or the Encyclopedia ofAssociations, galegroup.

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etype Title HereIntroductionThe Equal Employment Opportunity Act was created and born out of Title VII of The Civil ights Act of 1964; it consists of a series of laws that are all Another factor that impacts the level of community resources offered is that many of the schools do not offer intramural activities for elementary school students. Participation in these group activities are most often children from middle to middle upper class families; due in part to cost and accessibility. Those representing the lower socioeconomic strata tend to take greater advantage of the social services available within the community. Social services purported to be available including both state funded and privately funded organizations that offer basic services including food, clothing and shelter, as well as public welfare such as Temporary Assistance to Need Families, Social Security benefits, Medicaid and Medicare. The Department of Family and Children Services is a large provided of social services and serves as the gatekeeper to many of the private agencies that offer foster care, domestic violence counseling services, child welfare services, as well as many levels of V. Implementation of Multicultural Diversity and Classroom Harmony CreationClassroom harmony should be relatively easy for the teacher of geography to create since the entire focus of the study of geography are places and locations throughout the world and certainly this is a study subject endlessly graced by potential subjects that have the potential to create understanding and harmony in the classroom. II. Key Example of How Teaching Subject May be FacilitatedA key example of how teaching geography can be used in facilitation of cultural diversity is the study of world cultures in combination with world locations. For instance, teaching geography on the Western world and specifically on the United States can involve the sharing of knowledge of the many and diverse cultures that together represent the demographics of the United State. Included are African Americans, native Indians and of many various tribal lineage, as well as the European Caucasian The Foundation called specific attention to the prospect of institutional and policy level strategies to increase the participation of under represented minorities in the health professions. In response, the Institute Committee on Institutional and Policy Level Strategies for Increasing the Diversity of the U.

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S. , the Houston Independent School District HISD. To complement the school districts resources to sponsor speech, debate, and theatre programs, UH Forensics offers a combination of on campus educational events, community services and resources, and collegiate competitions for the UH Forensics Society. Some of the 60+ events and programs planned for FY2013 include:University of Houston Houston, TX 77204 713 743 2255 . Report a problemThe process for submitting and responding to external examiner reports remains unchanged and is set out below. However, we do appreciate that external examiners may require a little longer than four weeks to complete their report this year and look forward to receiving it by email to . uk as soon as possible. Likewise, programme teams may not be able to respond to all reports within eight weeks but will do so as soon as possible. A slightly updated report template is available here. If you are using a MAC you may prefer to use the version available here. The revised report template will enable external examiners to comment on how the Board of Examiners responded in terms of mitigating the impact of Covid 19.

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