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The prerecorded video lessons are too long, she says, and one of her children, who is autistic, says the instructors in the videos are creepy. Chuck Anglin, Cimarron Public Schools superintendent, said he likes to use Edgenuity to offer extra classes in a normal year. Choosing it for virtual learning this year was making the best of a bad situation, he said. We are not programmed for distance learning, said Anglin, whose school district is located 12 miles west of Enid. We are programmed to have the kids there, where we can see their faces, we can read their eyes, we can tell if they are still engaged. We can see if theyre looking around to see if anybodys watching while theyve got their phone in their lap. Researchers at the National Education Policy Center, a research center at the University of Colorado Boulder, found that relying on a computer program to teach and assess is one of the most detrimental aspects of online education. The researchers found these programs actually impede and marginalize the teachers role. Teachers may be unable to see how their students earned the designation of mastery of a goal because in some applications, the software, not the teacher, determines questions asked and the grades assigned, they wrote in a 2019 report. They also found that students would just look up answers on their computers in a separate browser or on a smartphone while taking assessments. The students quickly realize a computer is easy to trick compared to a human teacher.

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32 didnt quite make it?It was born during the depression, had problems with overheating rear engines a common situation on similar tandem arrangements, like the Farman F3X Jabiru and Farman F. 220/2/3 and later suffered the no wood wings syndrome catalyzed by the publicized crash of the F. 10 where famous coach Knute Rockne and others perished. It was also reportedly a bit tail heavy. But for sure it had other remarkable qualities: the number of passengers it could carry 32 and the comfort of its installations ventilation, a galley, supple seats, lighting, two restrooms, wardroom, luggage compartment, and more. It was no doubt a precursor, a pioneer in its own right.

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Your report should be at least 300 words but no more than 1000. Attached. Running head: FLORIDA TECH FALL 2020 CAREER EXPOFlorida Tech Fall 2020 Career ExpoStudents NameInstitution Affiliation1FLORIDA TECH FALL 2020 CAREER EXPO2My Experience at Florida Tech Fall 2020 Career ExpoFlorida Tech Fall 2020 Career Expo event is one that I won't be forgetting soon. As oneof the students that attended the career fair, I would describe the event as informative andeducational. The career fair offered us an. englishbombsPoetry Annotationsrhetorical effectivenessonline helpprologueessayGala Porras KimfreedomenglishWi FioutlineAs we head into the holiday season, I'm going to post a series of "survival" tips. You are probably very familiar with the stress reduction suggestions that usually appear everywhere this time of year. But hopefully, these will serve as a reminder. So what is H. A. L.

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There were conflicting media reports about whether the shooting happened inside or outside the school. The city, a suburb south west of Houston, confirmed on Twitter that there was a shooting and said the suspect is still at large. It advised resident to avoid the area around the school or remain in their homes. Officials gave no update on the suspects status later at a news conference. Television footage from the school showed students gathered outside and police cars and an ambulance with their lights blazing. This story has been corrected to reflect that the student killed was 19, not 16, and that the superintendents last name is Lathan, not Latham.

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